Thursday, November 5, 2015

Flag marquetry progress

The latest project involves an American flag from the Civil War.  Specifically, a southern state infantry battle flag (looks remarkably like the Confederate flag, but without the center star or white stringing between the blue and the red).  The client's ancestors fought in this particular infantry.

Below are some progress pictures of the marquetry cutting.  With this piece, I've started using thick veneer (1.5 mm thick, or 1/16").  I am using the painting in wood method along with dyed veneers.  There are 3 shades of blue and 4 shades of red to get a realistic effect (hopefully).  I might have been able to use natural woods to get the effect for the reds, but the blues required dye so I figured I'd dye the red, too.  I intend to post something later about the dyeing process (rather than the dying process, which thankfully I'm not intimately familiar with).  Especially with this thick maple veneer, it was not terribly simple.

My humble cutting corner.  I look forward to having a large shop some day.

Almost half done cutting

Pieces in the tray

12 layers - almost 1" thick!

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